About the Author

Alden “Al” Doane is a native of Valley Stream on New York’s Long Island. Al graduated from Valley

Stream Central High School in 1975, earned his BA from Eckerd College, Saint Petersburg, Florida and

attended Saint Leo University working on his post graduate degree. Al met his wife JoAnn Tesauro in

high school and the two married in 1978. Al  and JoAnn have two adult daughters and have adopted and

are raising their granddaughter.

Al served as a firefighter with the Valley Stream Volunteer Fire Department from 1976 until he and

JoAnn moved to Sarasota, Florida in 1980. Al was briefly employed as a corrections officer with the

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office and was then hired as a firefighter by the City of Sarasota Fire

Department. Serving as a firefighter and paramedic, Al also became and EMT/Paramedic preceptor and

fire service instructor. In 1988 Al returned to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy sheriff. Al

served as a patrol deputy, detective, field training officer, instructor, and was promoted to corporal,

sergeant and lieutenant and retired in 2014.

Al’s writings reflect his wide experience and the many incidents, both personal and professional, that

have formed him over the years. The death of Al’s father at a young age, the passing of his youngest

granddaughter, and the line-of-duty deaths of co-workers and friends all have had a deep and profound

influence in his writings. Al writes from the heart and his poems and writings will find their way into

yours. This website is an exhibition of some of Al’s writings. If you would like to use any of Al’s works,

please send an email to Al through the contact tab and ask him.

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