An Open Letter

An Open Letter to my Brothers and Sisters of a Day Gone By


My Dear Brothers and Sister of a Day Gone By;

The chances are that about this hour 14 years ago today you were laying your head upon your pillow for the last time.  I believe that a loved one still has that pillow and at this time is holding your pillow close trying to find one last wisp of your scent.  You are not forgotten, you are loved, you are missed and there are hearts still in pain over losing you.  I am writing this letter for the eyes that cannot read it, for the ears that cannot hear it read, I am writing it for you.  I pray that this letter makes it to the hands of your loved one who will read it for you and pray that you too will feel it in your soul.  

In the days, weeks and now years since you were taken away there have been others who followed you.  Some have avenged your death and they too have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Others tried in vain to save you and many more but it was just not possible.  Many of them have also paid the price through sickness and disease, their bodies unable to sustain what their hearts and souls so desperately tried to overcome.  Many of them are also with you now.  You are not alone, your brothers and sisters that remain behind still cry for you.

In just a few short hours you, your life, your love for your community and your sacrifice will be remembered.  Millions will stop and pause and remember that fateful day, that moment in time that changed everything.  Many will shed tears in memory of you, a son, a daughter, a husband, a wife, a father, a mother, a brother or a sister.  You left behind a legacy of memories with loved ones both of blood and of honor.  America still cries for you.

There are no words that can thank you for the sacrifice that you have made, the sacrifice your family has made or the sacrifice your brothers and sisters have made.  It is hard for me, a thirty-nine year emergency services worker, to put into words my feelings of loss and regret for not being able to help you in your greatest time of need.  I find no comfort knowing that you are ‘in a better place”, you should be here.  I write this letter in hopes that it helps ease the pain, for your brothers, your sisters and for me.  

Thank you my Brothers and Sisters.  May you forever be remembered for all the good you did, the love you shared and the sacrifices you made.


Your Brother,



©Alden L. Doane 2015