For Kevin

I once wrote, “Brave and fearless is the warrior, although the child within weeps. I fear not the darkness for it surrounds and comforts me.”

Then last night I gazed upon a star in the midnight sky. It was surrounded in darkness yet it was bright and had a glow about it. The other stars paled in its presence as if they were giving way, watching.

Then I saw the twinkle, that twinkle in your eyes, and your wink. I could see your smile in my mind’s eye; it was reassuring and heartbreaking all at one time.

In life you brought light to others. In death you bring light to the darkness of the skies. Each time I look to the midnight sky I will see the twinkle in your eyes, your wink, and your unmistakable smile.

Go forth into the darkness, brave and fearless warrior, and bring your light into the heavens.