Painting With Words

Every poet who has as ever put pen to paper has told of how the trees reach out and touch the sky. Every poet has told of how the mountains rise into the clouds and how that man has reached for the sun.  Poets writes of how the stars and the moon cast a magical spell upon lovers and every poet has spoken about how love has been found and lost and then found again.

Not every poet talks of how their soul has been ripped from their heart by their experiences in life. Not every poet talks about those things that occur in life that has shredded their beliefs in everything, all that is good, all that is love, the very foundation of which their life was built upon. I share with you that pain that comes from within, that is sometimes too hard to bear and that brings the soul to the breaking point.

For sharing these words begins this inner healing, a new beginning, air to breathe.  I can shed the burden and move forward with a renewed purpose, one word at a time and live life anew, word by word.  These words are yours to pick up, the burden is not.  An artist paints a picture with a brush and paint.  I paint a picture with my heart and words.  You can read my words, feel my emotions but you should not and cannot take them as yours.  They are mine and mine alone to live.

Live love, find peace, with yourself first and then with others.

© 2016 Alden Doane