Where do I Find the Words?

Where do I find the words, the words that tell the story?  The story of our youth gone by, the times we shared together.  It may have been at the bridge or by the lake.  Maybe it was on the ball field, a court, or the band room.  It could have been in class or at a lunch table or yes, maybe even in the rubber room.

We shared an amazing time, a time of learning and growing.  It was a time where friendships were forged, memories built, lessons learned and hearts were broken.  Our time in history where our stars aligned, our cosmos met, a great chemistry was made and it all came together.  It was a time where our dreams were made, broken and realized all in perfect sequence to make us who we are now.

There came a day when it all officially ended, this place and time where we had gathered.  We graduated from this high school experiment, forced to leave the place we knew, where relationships were built. It was life as we then knew it.  Some of us parted for distant places: college, work, or service, all to start anew.  Some settled nearby and set roots in new beginnings.

We took new loves and began new lives while others maintained a solitary soul.  We built careers, began new businesses and started families.  We kept in touch, lost touch, found each other again and lost the connection once more.  Now comes a time some 40 years later and we seek to catch a collective view of old relations; to make new again what once was.

We will gather once more to remember those days gone by, to share old stories and tell some new.  The stars will once again align for a brief moment in time and our cosmos will meet and we will reminisce about the days of our youth.  Some will come and some will not and yet others who have passed will be there, even if only in spirit, and we will shed tears of both sorrow and joy.  

For this magical moment we will be young again, joyful and inspired by what we see in each other.  And as the sand of time falls through the hourglass we too shall fall away and back to where we came.  Perhaps we will be fortunate enough to bring with us new memories, renewed friendships and hopeful hearts.  Just maybe a few of the stars will continue to shine upon us and the cosmos will bring forth a renewed sense of connection.  With hope in our hearts maybe some of the days gone by will also be the days yet to come.


© Alden L. Doane 2016