Is This Heaven?

isthisheaven-1I am not asleep, yet I am not awake.
I float, but nothing holds me up.
I am falling but not down.
There is no sense of direction,
And I am enveloped
In a deep blue metallic haze.

There is no sound,
Yet I sense the voice of one who is nearby.
My consciousness feels like
I took a direct knock-out punch;
A sound like a single steady ringing
And my entire body is abuzz
As if an electrical current were passing through it.

A bright light begins to move toward me.
I cannot see it—only sense it.
Familiar beings are with me,
But I see and feel nothing;
Somehow I know they are there.

I sense being held and hugged,
But I don’t feel;
I no longer sense with a body.
There is a warmth and a feeling of well being.
No more pain, no more sickness, no fears or doubts.
I know only love—pure love.

It is hard to explain.
I know those around me from my life before,
But I cannot see or touch them.
I only sense them and their pure love.
I sense only the love of those I know.

There are no bodies like I always knew.
No hearing, talking, listening, seeing or smelling.
Only the awareness of love shared with me,
And that I am also sharing love.
There is no knowledge of anything
Other than love given to
And received from the others.

I know the Holy Father and His Son.
Between us is flowing
The highest order of love and awareness.
Within me is the knowledge of love and life;
The Holy Spirit.

It is complete, it is true,
And for me all is done.
I am at peace.