On Angel’s Wings

Laughter, smiles and unconditional love,
Our baby arrived on the wings of a dove.
Cooing and giggles and bubbles she’d blow,
So deep in our hearts she did immediately grow.
She had steel blue eyes and wind swept hair,
Chubby little cheeks with skin so fair.

Four little teeth adorned your smile so bright,
Into our lives you brought so much delight.
Dollies and dress-up and tea parties too,
All of the things we had dreamed of for you.
Big sister Izzy and Tatum would play,
These were our hopes for many a day.

You were with us one year exactly when taken away,
It must have been God’s plan that you couldn’t stay.
The joy that you brought us is now replaced with tears,
We now live the nightmare of every parent’s worst fears.
The wings of the dove have since long flown away,
And on the wings of angels you have been taken away.


Our Dearest Tatum, we will never understand why you have been taken from us so soon.  In this one short year you have entered into our hearts and will remain there for eternity.



© 2010 Alden L. Doane