Sleep Well Tonight

Sleep well tonight my dear,
tonight for me you should not wait.
Kiss our children goodnight for me my dear,
for I will not be home tonight.
Teach our children well my dear,
teach them to love and not to hate.
Comfort our children my dear,
my fate they will not understand.
Tell our children over and over again my dear,
that my love for them will never cease.

To you the love of my life my dear,
for you I will always wait.
I can no longer hold your hand my dear,
kiss your lips or slip in quietly when I come home late.
The hopes and dreams and plans we made my dear,
are now yours to carry on.
Begin your life anew my dear,
look into the future not into the past.
Know that I will always love you my dear,
even though my life has been cut short.
Feel me close to you my dear,
as I walk with you day and night.
For eternity I will wait my dear,
until again we meet at heaven’s gate.


Dedicated to the lives of Florida State Trooper James Crooks, Tampa Police
Department Detectives Randy Bell and Ricky Childers who were killed in the
line of duty on May 19, 1998.

Rededicated to the memory of all the selfless heroes who sacrificed their lives and their dreams because of their love for fellow Americans on September 11, 2001.



© Alden L. Doane 1998