The Final Watch


The shots rang out in that empty hall,

They echoed off each barren wall.

“Shots fired!” I called out,

My brother and sisters are on their way no doubt.

Then pain, anger and disbelief,

Come quickly my brothers I need some relief.


It’s way too soon, this can’t be true,

My job here is not through.

Pain Lord, why this pain?

It’s all I can do to just maintain.

My guys are here now I’ll be okay,

Quickly now they will whisk me away.


Why the confusion, I’m getting cold,

Please, take my hand and just hold.

The pain is gone now and the sun has set,

But why is everyone so upset?

I hear people around me as they weep,

I’m very tired now and I want to sleep


Then a voice softly spoke,

“Michael, my son“, and I gently awoke.

“Come with me my son and take my hand,

Upon this earth you will no longer stand.

You have finished your earthly chores,

The Kingdom of Heaven is now yours.”


“You have the heart of a servant and gave to others,

Like many before you, both sisters and brothers.

All of your imperfections have been forgiven,

Your new home is now my castle in Heaven.

Walk with me and enjoy this view,

You are now a part of Heaven as it is now a part of you.”


Dedicated to the life of Sergeant Michael Wilson, Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, killed in the line of duty on August 5, 2013.


© 2013 Alden L. Doane