The World Changed Today

There was confusion, anger and pain! I was cold and alone, but only for a brief moment. Then calmness prevailed as He grasped my hand. The warmth returned when He spoke and with a soothing authority He said to me,

“My child, your watch is through,
And you have performed it tried and true.
You are one of my children that I chose to protect the weak,
And to talk for those who could not speak.
You walked with courage where others feared to go,
While bruises and scars from battle is all the world ever gave you to show.

But I see what lies below those wounds that heal,
I see what your heart deep in your chest does feel.
Love and compassion are embedded deep inside,
And you shared it with others without boastful pride.
A peacemaker’s heart and hands belong to you,
And now the soul of an angel is yours too.

Come with me my child and walk your new beat,
There is no crime and no pain and where none are weak.
I have known your fate since before you were born,
And shed a tear each time your uniform was worn.
It is time now my child you cannot stay here,
The voices of angels calling are what you hear.”

Dedicated to the memories of Miami-Dade Police Detective Roger Castillo and Detective Amanda Haworth, who were killed in the line of duty January 20, 2011, while selflessly serving the people of Miami-Dade County, Florida.

© 2011 Alden L. Doane