Watery Mistress

The warm breeze blows across my face,
as the ship glides through the water effortlessly.
The reflection of the moon upon the water,
shows me the same sights seen by every generation.
The smell of the salty air in my nose,
awakens the blood of generations past that flow through my veins.
I hear the waves break against the hull,
like seafarers of passed knocking on the door of my soul.

I see my forefathers sailing upon the sea,
falling in love with this watery mistress.
It is like a home I have never been to before,
strange, yet familiar and comforting.
The sea beckons to me with every swell,
like one lover to another.
My heart tells me I belong to the sea,
whilst my mind says I belong to dry land.

Where does this shimmering watery highway lead?
Is it my destiny to fall in love with the sea as my forefathers had?
Or was that the destiny of generations past calling to me now?
I know not where this journey will lead me,
or how long it will last.
I only know that this mistress entices once again,
only this time she calls my name.


© 2004 Alden L. Doane